Extra Heavy Duty Tarpaulins


For industrial strength and durability, this Extra Heavy Duty Poly Tarp ranks number one. Dura-Tarp™ 5000 is our premium product with great strength and durability, and easy to manage by comparison to PVC and canvas tarps.

Don’t strain your back lifting heavy tarps when you can use our cost-effective, industrial strength, Dura-Tarp™ 5000.

This product is favoured by professional builders but can be used in any industry where strength and durability are important.

ABC Tarps is a leading provider for all your tarps needs such as waterproof tarpsbuilders sheetshay covers and cricket ground covers.


  • Extra Heavy Duty Polyethylene (290gsm)
  • Premium Quality
  • Strong and durable
  • Extra UV Protection
  • Waterproof
  • Industrial strength
  • Reinforced eyelets and edges
  • Solid brass eyelets every metre
  • Wide range of sizes up to 12x21m
  • Light in weight compared to PVC/canvas
  • Made for Australian conditions
  • Underside tie-downs available on some sizes (helps minimize wind flap)


2.5 x 54.5 x 96 x 97.5 x 1512 x 12*
3 x 3.55 x 66 x 129 x 9*12 x 15*
3.5 x 55.5 x 77 x 11*9 x 12*12 x 21
3.5 x 65.5 x 117.5 x 7.59 x 15*

* Also available with underside tie-down option

Custom sizes can be made to order.


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